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My Frount Tooth Has Shifted Due to Gum Problems, Can This Tooth Be Fixed

My Frount Tooth Has Shifted Bad Due to Gum Problems Can This Tooth Be Fixed

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Central tooth shifted due to gum problem


In the situation when the anterior teeth shift and the gum problems exist, there is evidently the degree of bone loss that is significant. When the bone support is missing, teeth start to move and become mobile in the gum. You need to be seen by the periodontist and a restorative dentist or a Prosthodontist to evaluate your situation and prepare the comprehensive treatment plan. 

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Teeth Shifting Due To Gum Disease


I think that the first thing you should do is consult with a periodontist.  This is a dentist that specialized in patients with gum and bone problems.  Let them figure out the cause of your bone loss and treatment for it, then you can have a restorative dentist look at correcting any aesthetic issues. Good luck.  

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Shifted teeth due to gum problems


First find a great cosmetic dentist who will refer you to a periodontist.  He/She will determine if tooth can be managed/saved.  If so, great- your Dentist will know just the right procedure. (Gum treatment with: braces, splinting, joining crowns together, night guard and/or bite adjustment, etc).

If not, don't despair we live in the age of modern Dentistry!  Even if you have to loose a front tooth, we have fabulous ways of managing your tooth loss.  What is more important is figuring out why your tooth shifted and preventing it from happening to any more teeth.  Good luck.

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Shifting Front Tooth


Mobility is generally caused by loss of supporting tissues like gum and bone. If  the bone loss is advanced, as it seems to be in this case, saving the tooth may not be possible.  However, advanced Dentistry can give you a properly fitted and beautiful temporary  fixture while advanced bone grafting and Implant placement eventually replaces this tooth. A consultation with a Peridontist is necessary.

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Tooth shift from gum problems-can it be corrected?


You need to have your dentist and possibly a gum specialist (periodontis) look at the bone support as this will answer all the questions.  Moving the tooth may be possible, but it may then need to be splinted to hold it in place.  Good luck!

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