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My forehead is itching and burning along with the tightness from the neck and ear surgery. What can I use for the itching?

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Post-op itching and burning

As always, my favorite answer is SoPERFECT Numbing Cream. I am a believer for two very important aspects that distinguish itself from anything else currently on the market. First, besides coming in an airless pump bottle, it also comes in small, individual, one-time use packets (packets of ten). Both keep out the bacterial contamination associated with tubes. The individual packets are amazingly convenient for carrying around and were made to be the size of a credit card.

Second, SoPerfect was formulated as a luxurious cream with a pH(5.69) as close to the skin's natural pH (5.5) as any numbing cream on the market. Unlike SoPerfect, most other numbing creams have a pH in the alkaline range (>7) and are irritating to the skin, particularly recently injured or operated upon tissue. I have used it on countless patients following skin procedures and find it relieves tightness and itching very effectively.

Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon

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