How Can I Best Have my Flat Breasts Fixed?

I had breast reduction surgery about 20 years ago when I was young and overwieght. I have since lost 125 pounds. The only breast tissue I have hangs under the nipple, wich lays flat against my chest. I don't want big breasts, I just don't want them to look like pancakes any more. I also hate the look of implants. Is there a way to move my nipple down to where there is breast tissue? Or push the tiny bit of tissue up? Maybe a small implant? I'm so confused and unhappy !

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Breast shaping afer a deflated reduction

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Congratulations on your weight loss!  That is an amazing accomplishment. 

Chances are that a lift will give you a much improved shape and better nipple position.  Since it has been twenty years since your reduction, blood supply issues are probably moot if you are a non-smoker.  Depending on your anatomy and what you want, your surgeon may recommend a smallish implant or even some fat transfer to help re-establish some volume.

Good luck!

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How Can I Best Have my Flat Breasts Fixed?

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Hello Feff156

Some photos may give you a better answer to your question.  

However you may be able to have a mastopexy (breast lift procedure) which can use your pre-existing breast tissue to enhance your breasts and also give you the lift that you desire.  If you do not have enough of your own tissue then you can have a small implant and mastopexy at the same time to give your  abetter looking breast.

Hope this helps

Stephen Salerno



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