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My Face Itches Randomly on Accutane. Pls Answer?

Hello, I am a male on accutane 120 ml a day. No worries no side effects beside dry skin & lips. Just started month three. Now for my concern. My face randomly itches!!!! Its so annoying, really trying not to touch my face. If i dont wash my face sometimes (almost always) it turns into a pimple. Is this accutane pushing out my acne? thanks in advance.

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My face itches on Accutane


Your skin is dry. That's why it is itching. And you need to wash your face with a mild, moisturizing cleanser like Dove or Cetaphil, and always apply a good, thick lotion to your face and body. And sunscreen. Every single day. You can also apply hydrocortisone to very itchy spots, which you can get for a few dollars at any pharmacy. It's very important to keep your face clean and moisturized!

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