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My Daughter Has Dystonia and Receives Botox Every 3 Months. She is Pregnant, is the Botox Safe?

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The simple answer is we just don't know.

We do not do cosmetic botulinum toxin treatments on pregnant women.  However the decision to use the agent for medical reasons during pregnancy must be carefully weighed given the lack of scientific information, the reason why treatment is being performed, and what has been a low incidence of complications in the small number of women in this situation who have been treated.  Specifically the risk of side effects is also weighed against the know risk of other treatments as well.  For this reason she and her physician managing her dystonia have to make the best decision they can with limited information, something that is never easy.

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My Daughter Has Dystonia and Receives Botox Every 3 Months. She is Pregnant, is the Botox Safe?

 I'd be surprised that any MD would consider giving a pregnant woman Botox injections. 

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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Botox and pregnancy

Botox's safety in pregnant women has not been, nor probably ever will be, tested as this would be a great risk for the companies that manufacture botulinum toxin to incur.

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Botox and Dystonia and Pregnancy

The truth is that there's just not enough information on this topic to give you a confirmed answer. We obviously don't do this type of testing on pregnant women or fetuses, and so there's just no way to know. Your daughter and her physician need to weigh out the complications of her not receiving the injections during her pregnancy, as well as the welfare of the child and possible risks with the pregnancy.

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