Will my D Cup Looking Implants End Up Where the Doctor Suggested They Would (Full B, Small C) with More Time?

Had a BA July 26th. At 5'1" and 110 pounds, I wore a 34A cup bra. After two doctors, I choose the one who suggested a slightly larger implant than I had in mind to avoid a breast lift. I liked the way 286cc style #15 silicone looked, went with 325cc style # 20 silicone to accomplish less scarring and avoid the lift. It looks as if that size will accomplish what the doctor hoped. I was told my final result would be a full B cup to a small C cup. Do you think end results will be a C cup?

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Will my 325 cc implant look like a C cup?

Hi. It's really hard to predict a cup size based only on an implant size. Cup size are different for one bra company to another.  Your final cup size will also depend on your breast width. On a wider chest a 325 cc implant won't be the same cup size that on a patient with a very narrow chest.  

 Regarding your surgery it is too early to talk about your final result.  It takes around 2 - 3 months before you can see the final result especially if the implant was under your muscle.

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