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Are my Breast Sagging Enough That I Should Be Considering Getting a Breast Lift? (photo)

I have always had large breasts, most of the women in my family do. Until this past year I had been a 36 DD, but now I am a 36DDD. I know that with my breast size they won't be as "perky" as smaller breast are but are they sagging enough for me to have surgery? I am 21 years old. Since this is how they look now I assume that ageing and potential pregnancies are going to be really tough on them. I have also been trying to lose weight. Could you also tell me if surgery is my only option.

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Breast Lift in 21 year old


   A breast lift could improve the sagging of the breasts.   However, if near future pregnancy is an option, waiting to perform the breast lift in the future may be prudent.  

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Breast Lift Auto-Augmentation Technique


You have a number of options which will depend on your current anatomy.  Breast lift plastic surgery can improve the profile of sagging breasts, making breasts look more youthful and perky.Breast lift surgery is done to improve the profile of sagging breasts, changing their position on the body to appear more youthful. If you have lost volume in your breasts as well, the breast lift can be combined with breast implants to restore fullness. Please visit with a board certified plastic surgeon to learn more about your options.

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Breast lift


The photo you posted is not ideal and you may appear differently in person. In person is the best way to be properly evaluated. If your breasts are sagging, then a lift seems reasonable.

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Breast Lift Needed?


Thank you for your question and photo.

You look like you would benefit from breast lifting surgery.  

I ask my patients to be at a stable, long term weight prior to surgery as gaining / losing weight will affect the results of the breast surgery.

Most patients (If properly selected and who are doing the operations and the right time of their lives  psychosocially) accept the scars associated with breast augmentation/breast lifting surgery as long as they are happy with the improvement in contour, size, and symmetry. This acceptance of the scars is the essential “trade-off” associated with many of the procedures we do in the field of plastic surgery.

Unfortunately, there is no non-surgical option for more "perky" breasts.

When the time is right, see consultation with board-certified plastic surgeons. Ask to see lots of examples of their work and communicate your goals clearly.

Best wishes.

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Breast lift/reduction


Thank you for the pictures.  It looks like you would be an excellent candidate for a full mastopexy if you wish to keep your current size.  With this procedure you keep the same volume but you end up with a tighter perkier breast with higher areolas.  The incisions are the same as with a breast reduction; around the areola, a vertical incision, and horizontal incision.  It is also best to be at your goal weight before surgery to get your best results. I hope this helps.

Kindest regards,

Neil J. Zemmel

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A breast can reshape your breasts


Thank you for the question and photo.  If you like your overall breast volume size but you would like a better shape and nipple position then a breast lift is a wonderful option for you.  Unfortunately there are no good nonsurgical options for you at this time. The breast lift type that will benefit you most is called a circum-vertical breast lift and involves an incision around your Areola as well as an incision down your breast.
All the best,
Dr Remus Repta

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When is it time to get a lift


Thanks for your question and your posted picture -

In our San Francisco area practice we perform breast lifts frequently.

Timing for a breast lift is a complicated subject.  Breast lifts correct "ptosis" which is another term for breast sag.  Ptosis is measured by the position of your nipple in comparison to your breast fold (where your breast meets your chest wall).  Typically nipples that are below the infra-mammary fold may be candidates for breast lift.

You have some other issues to consider however -

You're correct that age contributes to sag (suspensory ligaments that support the breast relax over time).  Pregnancy and breast feeding can also contribute to breast sag as well.  Finally you mention you're planning on losing weight -  this can increase the amount your breasts sag.

Consult with a board certified plastic surgeon and consider events that may be in your near future (pregnancy and weight loss) to optimize a time to consider pursuing surgery.


I hope this helps.

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When the nipples are pointing down, it is time for a breast lift/reduction.


Women don't like it when their nipples are starting to point toward the floor, especially at your age.  You would benefit from a vertical lift/reduction (they are really the same operation, just depends on what size you want to be).  This could reduce you to, for example, a full C-cup size with your nipples appropriately situated.  This will likely make you feel a lot better about your appearance.  You are correct that the problem does tend to get worse with age.  Surgery is your best option and if you do it while you are young you can be spared the long-term effects on your back and posture.  The vertical technique is the only one I'd recommend.  The old inverted-T anchor scar is obsolete.  It causes too much scarring and a boxy look.  You are likely to be pleased if you go to an experienced plastic surgeon.  Make sure you like the results shown in your surgeon's before and after photos.  I've attached a link to my site as a starting point.

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Breast Lift?


Thank you for your question and for providing the photo. Though impossible to tell for sure without an examination, it would appear that you are a candidate for a breast lift or a reduction. The major difference between the 2 procedures is in the volume reduction. The scars are essentially the same, as is the recovery. Either lifting or reducing your breasts would elevate them back onto your chest and move the nipple to its mid portion. This will center the nipple on the breast so that they are not down pointing.

As you age, your breasts will continue to descend. The effects of gravity affect the breasts just like everywhere else, and the larger the breast volume that you have, the more they will sag. Reducing the size of your breasts will help limit this.

It is always best to reach your target weight before having any type of breast surgery. Your breast size fluctuates with your weight. If you were to lose weight after a breast lift or reduction, your breasts would deflate a bit and develop some sag. There are no non-surgical methods of lifting the breasts.

If this is something that you are considering, I would suggest consulting with a board certified plastic surgeon. They can go through the specific options for you and help you decide what is best.

Best of luck with your breasts.

Jeff Rockmore

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Considering Breast lift or reduction


You are a candidate for either breast lift or reduction depending on whether you want to reduce the volume of your breasts. If you prefer to keep the same volume then a breast lift can help you reshape your breasts. If you feel your breasts is a bit to big for your body, then you should consider breast reduction to make your breasts more proportional to your body. There are several surgical options regarding both breast lift and breast reduction. Make sure you understand what are the expected scars after the surgery. Take the time to get in person consultation with several board certified plastic surgeon and find one that you trust.

Best Wishes,

Stewart Wang, MD FACS, Wang Plastic Surgery 

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