Is my Breast Augmentation Dropping Normally? (photo)

I am 19 years old, 5'3" and 135lbs and I recently (5 weeks ago) had a subpectoral breast augmentation of 650cc's each and an inframammary incision. I previously was an A cup. I specifically wanted a very large breast implant. I am now wondering if my implants are progressing normally, I feel as though they are still very long and from my side profile a little flat. Also my nipple is still very low. Will it take longer for them because they are so large?

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Why Do My Breasts Appear So High and So Long?

Breast augmentation subpectoral, either saline or silicone, will appear high and long for several months, and is directly related to tight muscles, tight skin, and malpositioned fluid.  From what I see, your implants are in the right place.  The fluid in your implants, however, is displaced upward due to skin and muscle pressure.  To assure yourself that the implants are in the right place, touch the bottom of your breasts.  If you feel firmness from your implant, then your implant is correctly positioned.  The skin at the bottom of your breast from your nipple to your inframammary incision needs to stretch, out and it will but you can help it by wearing a Bando or ace wrap above the implants to help push the fluid downward.  Secondly, try not to wear a bra as this pushes the bottom of the implant up, just the opposite of what you want.  Silicone nipple covers make a good alternative to bras for modesty reasons.  They cost less and are more comfortable.

As far as your nipples being low, that is because the fluid in the implant is displaced upward.  When it comes back to where it's supposed to be, the nipples will appear more correctly positioned. 

I don't believe the implants have to drop because they are in the right position.  It really is only the fluid that has to drop.  And by the way, congratulations.  It appears your doctor did an excellent job.

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Is my Breast Augmentation Dropping Normally? (photo)

I do feel your implants are high riding, however I do still believe that if you are patient and give this 3-4 months that they will settle down much much better. Thinks that will help you at this point are consistency with massage and using a band across the top of your breasts to help force them down. Before you get too worked up about them I really would give this time. I have had a few patients that even I felt were too high riding a month out and every single one of them settled down by 3-4 months and they were very happy. In my opinion do not revise them for many months down the road. Your skin will stretch over time, and if after 3-4 months you are not happy then plan with your surgeon how to proceed.  See your surgeon now and let him know your feelings.

Richard J. Brown, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Augmentation - What to Expect and When Dropping Occurs


It’s not unusual for patients to have superior displacement of their breast implants in the immediate postoperative period. This is even more likely when larger implants are utilized. This occurs for a variety of reasons including spasm of the pectoralis muscles, skin tightness, and swelling.

Improvement in this condition may be seen as early as two weeks following surgery but in some cases may take several months to occur. In an effort to minimize this problem many plastic surgeons utilize a superior breast compression band. This device forces the implant in an inferior direction which keeps the inferior breast pocket fully expanded. In addition to this maneuver, it’s important to avoid underwire bras and push up bras in the immediate postoperative period. These devices have the potential to superiorly displace breast implants.

It’s important to realize that you’re still relatively early in the postoperative course and continued improvement is likely. If your breast implants are still superiorly displaced after six months, more aggressive maneuvers may be necessary. In most cases, this involves expansion of the inferior breast pocket with a procedure known as cupsulotomy.

If you’re concerned about implant displacement, consultation with your plastic surgeon is appropriate. Your surgeon should be able to evaluate your situation and hopefully reassure you.

They will settle

Your results look good right now. You should wait 4 months or so after your surgery before you judge your results. In the meantime, follow your surgeon's instructions and wear your bra as advised. Your breasts will gradually round out at the bottom for a more natural appearance, and the won't sit so high up. Usually, women with tighter skin and who haven't had children will experience a slower rate of dropping. You can ask your surgeon if they recommend wearing a bandeau that can help.

Time and effort

The implants will settle over a period of 6 months.  It will take time, but also effort.  Massage after breast augmentation I find to be important in the postoperative progress.  Your implants appear normal based on the preoperative anatomy and the size of the implant.  Give them time and do the massage.

Wait a Little Longer To See Results of Breast Augmentation

Please wait until about three to four months after your surgery to assess your results. By this time, your breasts will have taken on a more natural contour, where the lower breasts become softer and rounder. Natural tissue expansion occurs to allow this to happen, with the help of gravity. Please wait until at least your fourth month to consider revision surgery.

How long before implants drop when placed under the muscle

I think that an implant of the size that was used in your case will likely drop in time, but I will also say that if it was a textured implant, it will not drop as much as a smooth implant. In our patients that have the implant placed under the muscle we always use a compression band for the first 2 weeks to be worn at all times and then decrease it to 8 hours per day for weeks 3-4. This helps to get the muscle to relax and the implants to settle into a proper location. With you being so small framed, I think it still can happen but I think seeing your surgeon and having them take photos once  a month or so to monitor for progress will help. At some point, if they do not start dropping, a surgical revision of the pocket will be required I am afraid.

Julio Garcia, MD
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon
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High riding implants at 5 weeks

At five weeks your implants should be starting to drop. Although it can take several months for implants to drop completely (especially large implants on a small frame like yours) I would expect yours to have made more progress. See your plastic surgeon to discuss adding a band across the top of your breasts. If they don't drop in the next 4-6 weeks you will need a revision.

Grant Stevens, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Enhancement Surgery

I would wait at least 6 months before considering dropping implants by going back in and relesing the muscle more. My guess your muscles and skin are just super tight

Implants high

The implants are high but you can expect them to continue to drop over time as the muscle and skin relaxes. Keep in close contact with your plastic surgeon and follow his/ her post op directions.

Raj S. Ambay, MD
Brandon Plastic Surgeon
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