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What Can I Do About my Body? Stubborn Lower Abdomen. (photo)

5 years to the gym. Been with personal trainer and by now i have a lot of experience one problem, I am facing is my body I cant achieve the results i want. Im 21 years old. Tummy tuck & or mini tummy tuck aren't option for me. I have this problem with my skin sometimes my body can look good and other times its can look disgusting. I believe I have really bad elasticity especially in my lower abdomen. I need help with what I can do? Nothing isnt an option for me.. helppp H- 176cm W- 75kg BF- 9%

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Skin or fat?


Hi there,

You need to be examined.  I have seen this problem a number of times.  It is most likely to be fat deposits which you've inherited rather than a skin problem.  An exam is needed to be sure of this, photo's aren't enough.

If it is a fat deposit problem it can be completely corrected by a liposuction procedure.

Agree you should definitely not consider a TT, the scar in your case would not be worth it.


Good luck.

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How Can I Reduce the Fullness in My Lower Abdomen


A plan for lower abdominal wall improvement in a fit male or female would be determined by an examination. However, after reviewing your photos it appears that your problem is primarily caused by a localized fatty deposit and not by a laxity in the muscularture of your abdominal wall.  I would suggest the following plan:

  • Decrease your carbohydrate intake.. this can cause excessive water retention which translates into an encreased enlargement of the problematic area.
  • For a permanent improvement I use Ultra-sound assisted Liposuction. In your case I would extend the treatment area around you waist
  • After liposuction you would be placed in a compresive dressing for at least 10 days.
  • You should expect a 50 to 70% improvement

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What to Do About Lower Abdomen


   If you are referring to your lower abdomen, it is hard to determine exactly what is the cause.  This could be a skin elasticity issue, fatty deposit, or abdominal wall laxity.  All of these can be treated surgically, but you will need an exam.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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