Will my Body Never Be Able to Support Implants? Went from a Small 36B to Average 36C. 5'4", 134.

I had BA (sub-pec, 375cc R, 350cc L) and a lift on the left in January. I had a revision in May on both of them due to bottoming out, double bubble effect. I got a horrible internal infection on the right side that antibiotics wouldn't clear up so the implant was removed. After several check-ups (and a couple months) to make sure it was clear, I had it re-inserted. I also had the left one raised again from bottoming out. I don't know if it was from losing 10+ lbs but I'm hoping this is all.

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Breast Revision Surgery


It seems that you have very lax tissue with poor implant support. This might be due to weight loss. Only a full consultation will help determine the best course of treatment. You might require the placement of a dermal matrix mesh to support the implants and avoid the recurrent bottoming out.

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