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How Can I Stop New Moles Forming?

my age is 22. i have many small brown moles on my face. what should i do now? please tell me. how can i stop new born moles?

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Pigmentation Solutions

It is nearly impossible to stop true moles from forming.  However, if the pigmentation in question is not made up of moles, but rather a solar lentigines or "sun spots," you can lessen your chances of developing more by limiting sun exposure.  Make sure to wear a broad spectrum sun screen every day, and if you are out in the sun for extended periods of time, reapply the SPF every 2 hours at least.  If the pigmentation on your face is made up of sun spots, you could use a product with bleaching agents to lighten the spots.  I would suggest you schedule a visit with a dermatologist to identify the lesions on your face, and discuss treatment options.
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Atlanta Facial Plastic Surgeon

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