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Unhappy w/ Results. How Long Should I Wait for a Redo?

I Got Sub Muscular High Profile Saline Breast Implants 3 Months Ago.My PS Put in 215ccs in through inframammary incison 3 months ago.Iam disssatisfied with my results due to following reasons 1)They are not as big as I wanted.2)They are assemetrical.3)The inframammary incision is too long(3 1/2 inches long.)I am a petite woman.the circumference of my thorax right below my breastsis 27inches. . My PS put 215ccs in one breast and245ccsin right breast. do. How long should Iwait before a redo? Please advice.I am very anxiuos?

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Redo breast augmentation timing


There is no specific maximum time but I do usually wait at least 4-6 months to allow for the breasts to heal from the previous surgery.

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Timing for a re-augmentation.


Thank you for your questions and your specific points. A few comments about breast augmentation need mentioning. Very few women are truly symmetric to begin with. The goal with surgery is to improve the symmetry of the breasts, however perfect symmetry is hardly ever attainable. It sounds as though your surgeon was compensating for a difference in breast size based on the differing sizes of the implants.  You mention that the incision is 3.5 inches long. Are you sure you don't mean centimeters? That would be an unusually long incision, particularly with saline implants. As for size of the implants, it is important to allow yourself time to grow accustomed to the implants. I recommend waiting at least 6 months before making a decision about going larger or smaller. If you are truly this unhappy with your surgery, I recommend discussing all of this with your plastic surgeon.

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Unhappy aug result


Breast augmentation is an artform.I always tell my patients I have to deal with the hand I am dealt.Patients with very little breast tissue and a tight skin envelope are a challenge and particularly if they smoke.You can get a revision anytime.Perhaps a simple adjustment of the lower fold and putting some more saline in to make them bigger is all you may need.Also remember no one is symmetrical.I have been doing augs fir 32 years and haven't found a perfect match yet.

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Breast implant revision


Are you sure they used 3.5 INCH and not CENTIMETER incision? Typically, I advise my patients to wait a minimum of 4 months but prefer 6-9 months to elapse to allow for settling of the implants and a more accurate assessment of the stable result particularly in the cases of uneven breasts. 

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After 3 months  your look will not change much. Therefore you can get a revision as soon as you want.

A revision is more complex surgery. Make sure you chose a specialist so you can be happy.

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Revision breast surgery

Revisionary breast surgery is a specialty of mine here in Austin, Texas. I would reccomend you wait 6 months before considering any additional surgery. It sounds like you had a fair bit of asymmetry before surgery. This is normal and it's important to understand that perfect breast symmetry is not possible--breasts are sisters not twins! That being said increasing the size of implants is relatively easy for a revision. 3.5 inches seems like a large incision, perhaps you mean 3.5 cm which is a normal incision size for a saline breast implant. I'd start any conversations with your original surgeon, I guarantee they want you to be happy so they will probably have the best and most affordable options for any additonal surgery. Best of luck, Dr K
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You have waited long enough


You dont need to wait any longer if they are not the size you want .  The incision length will not be shorter but the scar will improve with time (after the revision) and can be treated with lasers and silicone.

Dr Grant Stevens  

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Revisionary breast surgery


It is best to wait atleast 4-6 months prior to proceeding with revisionary surgery to allow time for you to heal and recover. Make sure to follow all of your surgeons post-op care instructions regarding massage to help implants settle into the pocket and soften. In some cases, the look of the breasts may improve over time. After 6 months, if you are still unsatisfied with the results of surgery, I recommend consulting with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss the best and safest possible options for your case. Explain your goals of the look you would like to achieve with your surgeon prior to the revision. Photos may help to emphasize the exact look you would like. Good luck and take care.

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