Muscle Twitching or "Thumping" Years After Tummy Tuck. What Is It, What's The Cause?

I had a full tummy tuck with muscle repair two years ago. Although I like most of teh result (dog ears and some lumpiness but nothing can be done at this point) I have twitching, Not like an eye twitch or a muscle spasm. I have asked this question on many forums but don't seem to qet an answer. It does NOT hurt at all, no pain, just thumping. If I didn't know better (believe me, 6 pregnancy tests confirmed negative) i would swear it's just like fetal movements (4 kids on my own)!! What is this?

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Tummy Tuck and "thumping"


Thank you for the question.

Unless your surgeon left a  thumping midget behind  you are experiencing (exactly as you described)  muscle twitching. When we do plication of the abdominal wall muscles ( during the tummy tuck procedure) there can be a space  left below the muscles as  they are brought together in the midline. I can imagine a muscle twitching/spasming resulting in a sound that may seem like it is emanating from a drum. This may be related to the presence of the space below the abdominal wall muscles and above the peritoneum.

I hope this helps ( please give the midget joke).

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