Are Multiple Lipomas a Symptom of Cancer?

I am now 50 years old, when I was 25 years I saw some solid things in my law back, arms, chests and stomach. I visited a doctor and diagnosed that it is a multiple liphoma.the first doctor advised me to remove it but the other doctor says if it is not increase in size and not painful he advised me to leave it., even they are not seen unless I touch them. I feel pain some times, still doesn't grow or increase in it a symptom of cancer? What do u advice me to do?

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This is not a symptom of cancer. the chance for cancer to appear in a lipoma is rare. remove if it bothers you or it is growing in size.

the surgery is very minor so i always have a low threshold for removing them if there is any concern about cancer.

the chance for a cancer is 1 in a 100,000 or a million but the surgery takes 15 minutes in the office and the only 100% test is to send the specimen to the pathologist.

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