5 Mths After BBL, Right Buttock Feels Like a Hard Golf Ball-WHY? Will It Go Away?

5 Mths After BBL, Right Buttock Feels Like a Hard Golf Ball-WHY? Will It Go Away?

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Hard lump after fat transfer to the buttock

A hard mass in your buttock after a fat transfer is likely due to fat necrosis or hematoma. Some of the fat doesn't survive the fat transfer-due to insufficient blood supply-and can become firm. This necrosed (dead) tissue can develop into scar tissue, which may soften over time or may require intervention. I recommend consulting with your plastic surgeon for follow up and evaluation of this area.

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Brazilian buttock lift fat necrosis

Any indurations after the first two months after a Brazilian butt lift are abnormal. There are many causes for abnormal indurations:

1. Fat necrosis
2. Sterile abscess
3. Organized hematoma

The most common of all of these is the fat necrosis. Fat necrosis or dead fat occurs if the fat is not handled properly or when too much fat is injected in one specific area. To increase the chance of fat survival and decrease the chance of fat necrosis, the fat needs to be injected in multiple passes.  A large collection of fat necrosis will not go away and can be managed with ultrasonic lipo or  direct excision.

Brazilian Buttock lift

Hard mass after Brazilian Butt Lift could have many reasons,


seoma, Hematoma

fat necrosis

need to see you plastic surgeon for work up and treatment

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