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Morning Boobs and Still Hurt? (photo)

I was wondering if its normal to get a "Morning boobs" when you are almost 3 months post op?And still hurting whe I massage them?Do I need to talk to my PS?

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Pain in breasts after three months is probably caused by massage.


After three months very few breast augmentation patients have any residual pain. I'm not sure why your massaging your breasts but that activity releases histamine which prolongs inflammatory process and thus the pain.

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Morning Boobs and Still Hurt?


This sounds very normal but Always best to see your PS in person to discuss this or any issue you may have//

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Morning discomfort after breast surgery


It is farily common to have some discomfort of the breasts for several months after surgery. If you feel that the sensation is not normal, then you shoudl see your surgeon.

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Normal to have some pain.


Hello and thanks for your question. It is not uncommon for some discomfort to occur, especially in the mornings for some time after surgery. I find that patients with larger breast implants have more discomfort for longer periods. Always make your surgeon aware of these issues. Best wishes, Dr. Aldo.

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Morning Boobs and Still Hurt?


Completely normal. In some patients this discomfort continues for a while. Now, with that being said it is always good to keep the line on communication open between you and your surgeon.  Make sure you share you concerns with he/she when you go in for your next followup visit. All the best to you. 

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Morning Boobs and Still Hurt?


Certainly a patient may have intermittent pain from a breast augment over the course of several months. Just as long as the breasts are not hard you should be ok.

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Morning boobs after augmentation


We actually never have had anyone talk about morning pain after augmentation. Softening of scars and settling in can take several months, but if you think there is an issue it helps to talk to the surgeon.

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