3 months after breast reduction, is it too late to use something to lessen the appearance of the scars? (photo)

Had a BR 3 months ago. 2 weeks after had a hematoma and needed surgery again. Question is 1. Should it still be tender and sore when I touch it or wear a bra? 2. Is it too late to use something to lesson the appearance of the scar and 3. Why is it SO itchy?!? Thanks in advance

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Time and massage

What you mainly need is time and massage, the normal healing period is around one year, after that time you will need a scar revision (most likely) and your surgeon should have tell you that.
In the mean time you can use any silicone base scar gel.
Be sure you see a board certified plastic surgeon (American Board of Plastic Surgery)

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Scars after breast reduction

Hi. Looking at the scars you may need the scar revised later when it has faded - if you are happy waiting it is better to wait for a year or so to see what they look like. If you do not think you want surgery then you shold start having either a vascular laser or Fraxel laser treatments to reduce the redness and improve the texture of the scar. You will need at least 5 treatments looking at the scar. If the scar is tender then massaging the scar for a few minutes a day will improve the sensitivity and reduce the firmness of the scar. Best of luck with things. Dr Charles Cope

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