7 Months Post Op- Does my Nose Still Have a Chance of Getting Better?

I had a revision back in 11-28-2010. It consisted of nasal implant removal, alar base reduction, and the addition of ear cartilage to the tip and bridge for definition. I have very thick and very oily skin. I am hoping for more definition as my nose is still a round blob right now with a v-shape hanging down. My nose looks worst in the morning. Can it still be healing from having the bulky silicone removed so skin has to re-drape? Is there still hope for the nose I'm hoping for? Thank you!

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7 months & thick skin

Thicker skin noses in general need plenty of time to develop their final shape – you may wish to see your surgeon about Kenalog injections

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Nose tip still bulbous after Rhinoplasty

It's getting close to 8 months since your Revision Rhinoplasty but residual swelling can exist in Revision Rhinoplasty cases for 12-18 months.  IMHO, especially with thick oily skin, patients need to perform daily manual lymphatic drainage on their nose to remove the residual swelling before the body replaces it with scar tissue.  kenalog 10 injections to the supra tip area also are useful during the post op healing phase.

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Improvement 7 Months after Revision Rhinoplasty

The fact that nasal appearance changes during the day indicates healing is not compete. We frequently say that the nose will continue to improve for a year aftter rhinoplasty surgery; however, in a patient like you with thick skin who has had a revision I tell the patient that changes will occur for 18-24 months.

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7 months post op

Thick oily skin and revision surgery make for slower healing of the skin envelope. so the answer is yes. Although most sources quote a year out for decrease swelling, it is my experience that further thinning will happen 12, 18 and 24 most post op, perhaps longer. It can take a long time, be patient.


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