3 Months Post Op- Denting in Left Side: Do I Need Filler or Revision? (photo)

I am 3 months post rhinoplasty, removing a hump from the bridge. The left side seems to come in more, below the nasal bones. It feels dented inwards, and is visible in photos. I have recently followed up with my surgeon, and although he listened to my concerns he said it is a very small difference, and that at the one year point he would prefer a filler over a revision. He said that with restalyne, after a few uses, it tends to be a permanent fix when used in that region. What do you think?

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Asymmetry Middle 1/3rd Nose Post Rhinoplasty

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I would wait another 6-9 months before doing anything to improve the symmetry. At that time you can decide whether you want to use fillers or a small cartilage graft.

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