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2 Months PO TT, Now Sharp Pain in RUQ?

8.5 wks PO TT w/large MR. I've developed sharp, R side pain. R and above navel, radiates up to ribs, but is sharp and localized. Feels like muscular. I can't palpate anything / any difference from the rest of the abdomen. Just saw PS Monday; pain started Friday. Can't see any reason / initiating factor for it either, unless walking upright or driving did it. What can I do? If its a pulled muscle, how long til it's better? Thanks so much!

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Sharp pain two months post TT

Sharp pain is not uncommon after an abdominoplasty.  There are many sensory nerves in the area and they get bruised and caught up in post operative swelling.  Sometime you move one direction and just put a little pull on the nerve and it can cause this type of pain. If It becomes persistent then you need to be examined. 

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Right upper quadrant pain after a tummy tuck is not necessarily a byproduct of the operation

Abdominal pain after tummy tuck is common. However the pain described is not necessarily the direct result of the operation. Other sources of pain need to be ruled out.

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2 Months PO TT, Now Sharp Pain in RUQ?

Although post op pain like this is not uncommon, nor is the description alarming,  it is not something suitable for online diagnosis. A call in to your surgeon seems appropriate. After some give and take over the phone, a decision about whether an office visit will be the next step.

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2 Months after Tummy Tuck and Right Upper Quadrant Pain

  It is not uncommon after mommy makeover with muscle plication to have pains in the muscle or irritation of the muscle.  These should lessen with time.  It is true that there are other causes of right upper quadrant pain that should be ruled out.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Pain 2 months after tummy tuck

Thank you for your question about your pain 8.5 weeks after a tummy tuck.

  • Absorbing tummy tuck sutures often cause pain like this about this time,
  • A long driving or a bumpy road can cause tummy tuck pain like this,
  • A marcaine anesthetic injection by your plastic surgeon may help, 
  • There may be other causes - e.g. gall bladder, gastritis,an ulcer
  • Pain causing fever, fatigue, weight loss or that doesn't start to improve in a week usually requires studies to find its cause. Hope this helps!


Pain two months post tummy tuck

Sharp pains intermittently even months after a tummy tuck is not unusual.  They should lessen with time.  However, that being said, you should still make sure.  This may be simply muscle spasms from the "tightening of the muscles"  or it could be unrelated to the surgery, such as pain associated with your gallbladder.  you should see your surgeon for evaluation.

Todd C. Case, MD
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