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Still Swollen - 8 Month Post-Body Lift and 6 Months Post-Lipo of Thighs and Back/flanks

I had a body lift with hip/flank/back lipo 8 months ago (April) then in June had inner thigh lipo and back. I have considerable firmness and discomfort in the lower abdomen/pubis area on a regular basis. Will this go away soon? it seems like it should be done swelling but I find that during my period it gets worse and is very uncomfortable. Any suggestions as to what it is and how to best deal with the firmness? Should I still be swelling like this with almost 9 months out from the surgery?

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Swellling after body lift

It is unusual for patients to have significant swelling eight months after a body lift, but it can happen.

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Swelling 8 months after bodylift

Eight months after surgery is a bit longer than most patients to experience swelling and firmness.However, I have seen a few patients who took up to 1 year for things to get better. Ask you surgeon about seeing a massage therapist who has experience with this or to try external ultrasound. You may also want to ask your surgeon if there is a possibility of this being due to a chronic seroma.

Karol A. Gutowski, MD, FACS
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Swelling post bodylift

It is not uncommon to see edema below your abdominal incision for the first few months.   At 9 months, it appears that the lymphatic channels are taking longer than normal to re-network.   I would recommend deep tissue massage to loosen scar tissue, tight compression garments, and elevation of the extremities as much as possible to decrease swelling.

Paul S. Gill, MD
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The picture you posted seems to be shrtly after surgery, there is still significant swelling and bruising.

if you are several months after lipo, body lift (LOOKS LIKE AN ABDOMINOPLASTY)


Samir Shureih, MD
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