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Mommy Makerover Exchange for Pics and Video Testimonial and Free Modeling

Are there any plastic surgeons in Chicago area willing to give me a free mommy makeover with fat transfer to the buttock in exchange for before&after pictures, Tv press and video testimonial.I will also do any free modeling for one year.

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Surgery in exchange for Marketing is Unethical and Prohibited

Hi there-

While I understand why you would want this to be possible, I would add to my colleagues answers that the performance of any professional service in exchange for any testimonial or other marketing or advertising benefit is considered a violation of The American Society of Plastic Surgeon's Code of Ethics and is therefore prohibited.

In other words this could get your surgeon in a lot of trouble.

It would therefore lead me to conclude that any surgeon you could find that might agree to this would NOT be a member of this prestigious organization, and is not a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Exchanging Surgery for Modeling

We have this question asked multiple times a month from patients.  It is difficult for a surgeon to perform surgery completely "free" because there are other expenses associated with having surgery other than the surgeon's fee.  You have to take into consideration the operating room expenses, staff for the operating room, supplies, breast implants, as well as Anesthesiologists fees, etc.

You may be able to find lower cost surgery if performed in a University setting.

Best Wishes!

Discounts on mommy makeovers

It will be hard for someone to do it for free, but check out the local University to see if there is a discounted resident's clinic.

Free Mommy makeover?

Hopeful42 - While there may be someone willing to donation their time, I doubt anyone would be willing to cover the costs of paying for your anesthesia and facility for your cosmetic surgery, and possible need for revisions of your surgery and to assume the liability of doing the surgery.  Better to start saving money so you could cover the costs yourself.

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