Planning for my Mommy Makeover, How Much Time Should I Prepare to Not Lift my Twins?

I’m planning on having breast augment & tummy tuck in one procedure (like a ‘mommy makeover’). My twins are 10months (my boy is quite a big guy, weighs 25 lbs or more, I weigh 106, plus, I have an older child). I was thinking of hiring help for the first 2 weeks after the surgery (lifting kids etc). Do you think 2 weeks will be sufficient? Will I be able to lift my kids & take care of them after 2 wks again? Not worried about the pain, but will it affect how the scars develop?? Thanks!

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After Mommy Makeover wait at least three weeks before lifting twins

Mommy Makeover, a Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation and or Mastopexy involves significant surgery in two very important regions of your body that are definitely impacted by lifting your twins.

By two weeks your sutures will be out but your wounds are still fresh and gaining strength. Whle you may be comfortable lifting your twins, the concern is that a quick movement or accidental bump could injure your fresh wounds.

I know it is impractical to have twins and not lift them for a month to 6 weeks.

However plan on having help, from a frioend, relative, husband or Nanny at least during the first 3 weeks.

Yes, you will need to have some help for about 3 weeks after surgery

I would suggest you have help for at least 3 weeks after your tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) and breast augmentation. You have to remember that the purpose of doing this procedure is to get your nice flat tummy back. That requires sewing the muscles back together inside. If you are pulling or lifting too soon before the muscles have had a chance to heal together those sutures can tear through the muscle and there goes you beautiful abdomen. So do it when you can have help you will be glad you did.


Wm. Aiello M.D.


William Aiello, MD
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Planning for Mommy Makeover?

Thank you for the question.

I would suggest that you plan on having help ( as much as possible)  for the first 3 to 4 weeks after mommy makeover surgery. 

Given that you are about to undergo a major operation which often involves a significant physical and emotional recovery a few words of advice may be helpful:

1. Make sure you are doing the procedure for the right reasons (for yourself)  and that you have realistic expectations.  Be aware that an improvement in the “problem area” may not translate to an overall improvement in your life   situation.  You are bound to be disappointed with results of the procedure if your motivation for doing the surgery is not internally driven.

2. Time your surgery carefully; generally, it is not a good idea to have surgery done during or immediately after a stressful period in life (for example divorce or death of a loved one). The additional stress of surgery will undoubtedly be  more challenging to deal with if a patient's emotional reserves our already exhausted. Remember, that an improvement in your physical appearance will not translate to an improvement in your life situation.

3. If possible speak to patients who have undergone similar procedures and query them about the toughest times of their recovery period. Any practical hints previous patients can provide may be very helpful.

4. Make sure you are aware of potential complications that may arise how to reach your surgeon if necessary.

5. Make sure you have a strong and patient support system (several people if possible) in place who have time/patience to take care of you. Arrange for professional nursing if any doubt exists regarding the availability and/or stamina  of your caretakers.

6. Be patient with the healing process, understanding that it will take several weeks to months to feel “normal” again. It may also take many months/year to see the end results of your surgery.

7. Be prepared to distract your mind with things of interest such as books, magazines, and movies.

8. Expect less of yourself; do not go back to work, school or chores too early and let others take care of you (for a change).

9. Pick your surgeon carefully (a well experienced board-certified plastic surgeon) and trust in his/her advice. Keep in close communication with your surgeon and do not hesitate to communicate questions/concerns and the   emotional swings that you may experience.

10. Resume all medications that you were using preoperatively when cleared by your plastic surgeon and stop the use of narcotics and sedatives as soon as feasible after surgery.

11. Keep in mind the end results as you go through the tougher emotional times after your surgery.

I hope this helps.

Lifting Should be significantly restricted for 4-6 weeks after Mommy Makeover

Hi there-

In order to not compromise the safety and outcome of your Mommy Makeover, I would recommend that you have a plan for avoidance of lifting anything more than a few pounds for at least 4-6 weeks.

Discuss the plan with your surgeon- I know in my practice we offer third party professional mommy helper services for our patients. This may be an option for you.

Planning for my Mommy Makeover, How Much Time Should I Prepare to Not Lift my Twins?

We ask our patients to limit their lifting to 20 pounds or less for the first two weeks and then increase slowly from there. The lifting too much can tear sutures but can also cause delayed bleeding that will prolong your recovery. I would say that having help for two weeks would be about right but with combined procedures like you are thinking about, it might take a little longer.

Julio Garcia, MD
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Mommy Makeover Recovery Time and Lifting Twins

This is a great question.  With each patient, limitations may vary.  Tummy tuck and breast lift and implant patients can start walking in the neighborhood once they get home from from surgery.  They can drive usually 1 week after surgery once they have stopped taking their pain meds.  You can pick up your twins a few weeks  after surgery. (typically 4-5 weeks)  Exercise can be resumed at 4-5 weeks as well.  Picking up your children will not affect the scar. 

No lifting for six weeks after a tummy tuck

Thank you for your question. Your surgeon should talk with you about lifting after a tummy tuck. The standard answer is no heavy lifting for at least six weeks after a tummy tuck. This is because it takes that much time to build up enough scar tissue so that you are not relying on the sutures to hold your stomach muscles together.  This is a very strict time frame! It doesn't matter how good you feel or how fast that you think that you heal. Six weeks!

James McMahan, MD
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Lifting your kids after tummy tuck

This is a very common questions moms after before their mommy makeover procedure.  After surgery, your pain should be well managed with 1-2 oral pain pills every 4-6 hours. All my mommy makeover patients are ambulating a few hours after surgery (of course walking flexed at their waist given the tummy tuck). Most surgeons will likely recommend no heavy lifting or strenuous activity for 5-6 weeks. So you will definitely need some help with the kids for about 1-2 weeks. Every surgical plan is unique/different so I encourage you to direct these questions to your surgeon and his staff. Mommy Makeovers are truly transforming procedures. I'm sure you'll love your results.  Best of luck!

Lifting and exercise after mommy makeover

The usual answer for this type of question is no lifting more than 10-15 pounds for 4-6 weeks.  You may be medically able to lift more sooner but I don't recommend it.  If you do too much too soon after tummy tuck and breast augmentation, it may be painful and delay your recovery.  If you are hiring help, get someone for at least three weeks and then maybe someone part time for the fourth week.  Your call.  Best of Luck.

J. Jason Wendel, MD, FACS
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