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Is a Mommy Make over with Butt Lift Recommended and Whats the Recovery Time?

I plan on getting a mommy makeover (TT, Breast Augmentation lipo of flanks and thighs and a Butt lift (fat transferred to buttocks)out of the country. Is it ok to get all these procedure at the same time? What is the recovery time and how soon would I be able to travel? Im 30 yrs. old 5'3 and weigh 135lbs.

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Mommy Makeover


A procedure out of the country is not recommended.  One most be extremely cautious in electing to have surgery out of the states. There are a lot of good doctors in the world but U.S. doctors are hesitant at times to take on corrective surgeries involving this factor. 

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Mommy Makeover Safety


Be very careful in selecting your surgeon when seeking a mommy makeover.  It is a big operation and I would not recommend that you take chances just to save a little money.  I would prefer that you go to the best surgeon you can find and a facility with the highest standards for safety.  Perhaps do fewer procedures to stay within your budget.

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Multiple procedures in another country



Although I think you will find different opinions about doing these procedures at the same time in the united states, it is in my opinion a safe combination if done on the right patient and by an experienced plastic surgeon.  Doing these procedures abroad is more a question of safety of doing the procedure abroad as opposed to the combination of procedures.  Complications in multiple areas will be a harrowing experience abroad and revisions, especially if they require difficult revisions to be performed can be a troublesome experience if your surgeon is out of the country.

All the best

Dr Repta

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Having a mommy makeover with buttock lift out of the country


The first consideration of having multiple procedures is the total length of the surgery. If you are planning on having a TT, Breast augmentation and buttock lift (fat transfer) you will be under general anesthesia for at least 6 hours, which increases your risk of developing a blood clot (DVT) in your legs. You may want to consider breaking up these procedures and having one (breast aug) done on a separate day. It will also be very difficult for you to move around and position yourself if you have all procedures done at once. I strongly recommend staying in a hospital or aftercare facility for a few days after surgery for close observation.

With regard to having surgery in another country, you are taking a risk of not having close follow up with your surgeon and air travel becomes an issue as the chance of forming a blood clot increases with air travel. You may want to plan on staying in that country for a few weeks to recover and to have your incisions evaluated by your surgeon.

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Medical tourism


There are really multiple questions in your post:

  • should you get a tummy tuck or what type of tummy tuck do you need
  • should you get breast augmentation or augmentation with an adjunctive breast procedure
  • should you get liposuction of the thighs and flanks and/or liposuction of other areas with transfer of the fat to the buttocks
  • what is the recovery time
  • should you get the surgery out of the country
  • what are the travel/activity restrictions associated with surgery

Without seeing photos or a face to face examination it is impossible to say what type of abdominoplasty you would need or if you should have any adjunctive procedures to the breast at the time of augmentation. You need to use the exact same diligence in choosing a surgeon out of the country as you would inside the country. That surgeon should examine you face to face before finalizing what procedures he/she will do. You will need to allow sufficient time between arriving and surgery as well as between surgery and leaving.

My response to your question/post does not represent formal medical advice or constitute a doctor patient relationship. You need to consult with i.e. personally see a board certified plastic surgeon in order to receive a formal evaluation and develop a doctor patient relationship.

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Out of town surgery for Mommy Makeover


Undergoing too many procedures at once increases the risks of blood clots and other complications. The most important thing you can do for yourself after surgery is walk around, and if you have too many parts operated on at once you will be too sore to be effectively mobile.

I am not a fan of cosmetic surgery tourism, particularly if it involves foreign travel:

1) not all countries have the same blood banking protections we have;

2) complications can and do arise.  Your access to recourse can be limited when you are in a foreign country;

3) touch ups are often needed: will you travel back and forth to see your foreign surgeon? At what cost?

4) foreign physician credentials can be harder to investigate than those in the US.

In America, when all else fails, we have a robust tort system for redress, a system not available in other countries.


Caveat Emptor!

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Safety is number consideration for cosmetic surgery!


Several Rules of thumb;

1- Keep cosmetic surgery under 4 hours. If you want more done - do it in more than one procedure.

2- American physicians are better regulated and better trained than physicians from many parts of the world (some places are fine, but how can you be sure?).


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How many simultaneous procedures can one undergo in a Mommy makeover?-


A Mommy makeover can entail several procedures. The ultimate goal is to achieve the best makeover in the safest fashion. I would not suggets that you undergo a tummy-tuck, breast augmentation, liposuction and a buttock augmentation at the same time. I would suggest either doing the TT together with the buttock augmentation and liposuction or better yet, doing the TT with the breast augmnetation and then having the buttock augmentation together with the liposuction at a later date( 6-12 weeks later). But seek out an experienced surgeon specializing in buttock augmentation. Good luck!

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Excessive surgery and traveling for it


If you want to be safe, do the TT and breasts and then in another trip or at least 2 weeks later, do the lipo etc.  Also be very careful where you go and read all the horror stories on line about medical tourism.  Please understand that if anything goes wrong, doctors in the US won't be very willing to get involved.

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Mommy makeover out of the country plan is dangerous.



Do your breasts and the tummy tuck together, and then do the butt lift and the liposuction at a separate stage.  You increase the risk of blood clots (and other things) doing everything together.  And be VERY CAREFUL exactly where you go.

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