Mole Removal On Chin. Keloid Prone

I have a raised mole at my chin. Sometimes it itch and there are hair growing out from it. I noticed it is getting bigger. I am considering removing it but I am keloid prone. What type of surgery should I consider to remove the mole so as to minimize the keloid chance? If keloid occurs, can steroid injection reduce the keloid totally?

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Keloids on the the face are extremely uncommon following simple excision.

I have removed 100's of moles on the chin with simple excision over the past 30 years.  I don't beleive any of them have turned into a keloid scar.  Keloids are most common on the chest and shoulders.  Keloids are uncommon on the face.  If a skilled plastic surgeon or dermatologic surgeon removes the mole, I believe there is an excellent chance it will not keloid.

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Mole Removal Causing Keloids

Deeper moles such as yours on the chin are easily removed by an excision with suture closure and will rarely cause a keloid in this area. This method is especially best for hair bearing moles. You are correct that if a keloid does occur it can usually be treated with cortisone injections. For more information about the removal of skin growths, please follow the link below:


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Chin moles that are excised rarely ever keloid.

Your chin mole should be excised and sutured close and is easy to get done.  Even if a patient is keloid prone, the chin rarely ever keloids and steroid/5FU shots can help prevent that.  Sincerely,

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