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Is Moderate to Intense Pain 5day Post Op Labiaplasty Normal?

I had labiaplasty via trimming method on Friday. I had quiet a bit of excesses to be removed. I am 5 days post op and feel no progress is being made. I am still having severe burning, aching, and swelling. Standing up causing major discomfort. I have no abnormal discharge and the vagina looks to be healing okay even though the labia is uneven on both sides due to swelling. I am really wondering what is wrong since I feel no improvement with pain. Please help!!

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Labiaplasty recovery

Like any surgery, labiaplasty patients can have a range of discomfort after surgery and for a variable amount of time.  Most patients have the most intense pain for the first 4-5 days before it starts to trail off day by day thereafter.  Some patients feel completely fine within a week yet others may have some lingering discomfort for 3-4 weeks, and on the oute range of normal 6 weeks until feeling absolutely pain-free.  As long as you keep your follow-up appointments with your operating surgeon and everything is healing fine you will probably fall within these limits too.  glad to help... @drryanstanton

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Labiaplasty recovery and pain level

Discomfort and pain levels may vary from person to person after labiaplasty.  I would first check to see if there are alternate pain medicines you can use and also schedule an early visit with your labiaplasty surgeon to check the incision. Raffy Karamanoukian, Los Angeles

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Pain 5 days after trimming labiaplasty

Pain 5 days after a trimming labiaplasty is common and should eventually subside. However, it may take a prolonged period for the pain to totally go away. The pain should gradually subside. If not, please see your surgeon in the near future.  In general, trimming labiaplasty technique is a more painful recovery than a wedge technique.  


Dr. Gary Alter


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Trim Labiaplasty Pain at 5 Days

    Patients who have had trim labiaplasty at 5 days may be anticipated to have pain.  The pain should get better over the next week or so if the healing is uneventful.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Moderate to Intense Pain 5 day Post Op Labiaplasty Normal?

In general, this sounds like it could be within normal limits after this surgery.  This part of one's anatomy is, of course, extra-sensitive and so it's not surprising that surgery in this region is associated with greater-than-average discomfort.  There should, however, be at least a little improvement with pain so if you have any concerns you should contact your surgeon.  The overall trend should be "getting better" even if you don't see that yet; you can think of the recovery process as "Two steps forward, one step back."  Hang in there.

Dr. E

Moderate Pain 5 day Post Op Labiaplasty is Normal

Sorry to hear you are having discomfort after the procedure, but it is to be expected after labiaplasty surgery.  The first 7-10 days are typically the worst with swelling, bruising, throbbing and pain of the area.  The symptoms usually improve greatly between 2-3 weeks.  We usually have our patients return to normal activity around 3 weeks including working out, but letting pain be your guide.  We recommend refraining from sex for 4-6 weeks after the procedure.  It is important to keep your follow up appointments with your plastic surgeon to make sure everything is healing up well in this post operative period.

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Pain following labiaplasty


I routinely tell my patients that they will "hate" me for the first week after a labiaplasty. There will be pain, swelling and itching. I find that at 7-10 days these symptoms get markedly better, and by 2 weeks almost all of the severe symptoms are gone. Of course, all patients are different and I will perform two labiaplasties in a day and the first patient will be fine and feel great in a few days and the second will be more like you and unhappy for a week. Eventually everyone recovers, so be reassured that your symptoms are normal at this time.


Daniel Medalie

Pain after labiaplasty

It is normal to have some pain after labiaplasty, especially at 5 days out from surgery. If the pain seems out of proportion to what's expected, I would see your surgeon sooner rather than later to make sure you don't have any bleeding under the skin, or early infection. Generally speaking the pain gets better each day.  If you have a lot of bruising, it takes time for this to go away and the area can be sore in the meantime. Close follow-up with your surgeon is a good idea just to be safe.

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Although it is doubtful anything is wrong, if you are concerned you should call your surgeon's office. Pain at this point is not unusual, as long as it is getting better and not worse.

Late Post Op Pain

While everyone's pain tolerance varies, significant pain almost a week out is unusual.  You need to be seen by your surgeon or his staff.  

Brian Reedy, MD
Reading Plastic Surgeon
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