Moderate or High Profile for Breast Implant Revision?

I have Saline breast implants (425cc) now that I have had for 10 yrs. I am having them redone and having a hard time deciding between HP (High Profile) or Moderate.

I want to go a little bigger and was told either a 650cc HP or 550cc Moderate. I am worried that 650cc would be too big but 550cc moderate would make me look smaller than I am now. What should I go with?

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Implant choices

Choosing the right implant is done during the consultation after a  thorough physcial exam and discussion. It is hard to say without seeing you.

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Moderate or High Profile for Breast Implant Revision

Generally speaking I prefer the profile of  Moderate Plus saline implants and High Profile silicone implants.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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Breast implant profiles.


1) You don't have to make any such decision! This is a technical issue for your surgeon, based on the look you want and on your anatomy. You need to trust him or her. It is part of the surgeon's job!

2) On the breast augmentation page of my web site, there is information about implant selection.

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Talk to your surgeon


This is going to take a discussion with your surgeon but you really won't know much until the new implants are in. How are larger implants going to make you look smaller than you are now? Most of this is dimensional. Higher profile implants stand out more than lower profile implants with less width. What profile do you have in now?

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Breast Implant revision going larger

Every case is different. I meet women who want revision surgery that want to be smaller. larger, the same, etc. You have had your current implants for 10 years so there has been some relaxation or stretch of your natural tissues. Your plastic surgeon's office should be able to set the implants that are your choices side by side so that you can appreciate the differences in size and dimension. I wish you well.

Breast implant sizes and replacement

Is your current 425 cc implant a high profile implant? The number suggests that it is. There is a 550 cc high profile implant that you could use instead of the 650 cc. However, it's hard to make recommendations without examining you directly and assessing your skin. 650cc is quite large, and much heavier than your current 425 cc implants, which over time, could lead to more sagging and loose skin.

Discuss the sizes again with your surgeon at a second consultation until you're completely comfortable with your selection.

William Bruno, MD
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Moderate vs High Profile Breast Implants

It is hard to estimate what size implant you would need without examining your breasts. I understand that you have 10 year old implants. Do you have a signifianct capsular contracture?

Usually in a re-augmenation with a significan capsular contracture, I prefer to use high profile implants that are bigger than what is present. Because it is difficult to judge the right size implant after a capsulectommy, I usually use sizers to help select the best implant size.

Your surgeon is the best judge of the appropriate implant style and size. Make sure you voice all of your concerns directly with your surgeon.

Good luck.

Michael Diaz, MD
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