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Moderate and severe atypia. Prognosis?

I am 35 y.o. with a history of severely atypical nevus (removed 5 years ago). I had another biopsy done recently and it showed that I have a mole with moderate cytologic atypia and severely atypical architectural feature. I will have it removed next months and will definitely continue having regular follow-ups with my dermatologist. Having second mole removed is very concerning to me - in terms of risk of melanoma. What is the likelihood of me ending up with this diagnosis in the future?

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Atypical nevus

This depends on many factors - your genetic background, family history, sun exposure but mostly how many nevi you have and how many of them have a dysplastic clinical appearance. If you have what is called "dysplastic nevus syndrome" then you will likely be diagnosed with more nevi with atypia over the years. 

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