I Had Expander Put in Sept 10th Today I Had my Fith Fill. I Am at 500 Ccs. How Many More Fills?

I know you have to overfill to achieve a larger implant. Today we added 75 ccs and I am always uncomfortable a few days after each fill. Surgery they filled 100ccs then the next three were 75 ccs and last week we did 100ccs , today was 75ccs so far i am at 500 ccs. How many more to overfill to achieve a C cup implant? Also is weekly fills not a good idea but more space in between slower is better or doesnt it matter??

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Tissue expander final size


your final cup size depends on your height, weight and breast width.  500cc on 100 lb women at 5'3" will give much larger than a C Cup.  However, on a 200 lb woman at 5'3" this size implant could end up as a B.  When it comes to tissue expanders, your final volume is based on your preferences and the volume your tissue can handle safely.  I would discuss this with your plastic surgeon.

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