How much would an otoplasty cost if my ears only stick out a little bit on top? (photo)

The tip of my ears stick out and I want to get them pinned back closer to my head. I like the size and shape of my ear but I'm really self-conscious about how much they stick out.

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Cost of an otoplasty for mild protrusion

Even though the ears only mildly protrude, the procedure is still the same and requires an otoplasty. The cost for cosmetic surgery such as an otoplasty is driven by 3 factors. These are surgeons fee, operating room fee,  and anesthesia fee ( if necessary). Most adults undergo an otoplasty under local anesthesia. Please see the link below to our price list and  otoplasty photo gallery

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The upper part of the ear can be easily changed, using the stitch method. The rest of the ear will not change with this method. 

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Otoplasty cost

Thanks for this question. Cost will depend on the facility fee, anesthesia fee and surgeon's fee. Even if just a small procedure is needed the other costs may play a role. See a board certified plastic surgeon who can assess and make recommendations. Good luck

Prominent ear

You have a mild protrusion of the upper helical rim of both ears.
The approach is nearly the same and a pin back of the upper part of the ear is possible, but need to watch what changes to the rest of the ear occur when that is done and look at it carefully during surgery.
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