What is the Most Minimally Invasive Procedure for Large Nose Tip?

My nose looks like a downward pointing arrow. Is there a way to "shorten" the appearance of the tip, as well as make it less "round?"

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Nasal shortening, and upward rotation of your downward pointing nasal tip may be improved with Rhinoplasty Surgery.

Nasal shortening, and repair of a droopy, dependent nasal tip are realistic goals to have if you're considering Rhinoplasty Surgery. Rhinoplasty Surgery has minimal downtime, and most patients may return to work or resume social activities in less than 2 weeks.

You should consult several board-certified, experienced Rhinoplasty surgeons with many favorable photos before you proceed.

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Surgery is surgery

There is no minor surgery -- just minor surgeons. If you want nasal improvement seek an opinion from a well experienced rhinoplastic surgeon. Discuss what you want improved, let the doctor worry about how much surgery is needed.

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