Mini Tummy Tuck, Breast Augmentation, and Liposuction in One Surgery?

Is it possible to get a breast augmentation, a mini tummy tuck and a bit of Liposuction on my thighs in the same visit? My goal is to reverse signs of 3 children (droopy breasts, loose tummy) and age (a little extra fat on saddle bag area). I'd like to get it taken care of all at once. Also, what is the cost (approximately) of all 3 procedures?

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Tummy Tuck, Liposuction and Breast Augment Together


It is quite common to combine the above procedures, and this is often referred to as a "mommy makeover", a term that refers to correcting whatever the post pregnancy changes to the body are. Just be careful to talk to a well experienced surgeon. Most of us prefer not to do a mini-tummy tuck because for so many patients it leaves a tihtened lower abdomen and a loose or even bulin upper abdomen. there are certainly a few patients where the mini may be appropriate, but that is why you need a ood sureon to help you decide.

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Combination procedures


It is very common to proceed with these multiple procedures in one setting.  But as my colleagues have suggested, you need to visit with your ASPS member surgeon for a complete evaluation of your health status, past medical history and medications.  He/she will determine if you are medically safe to proceed with a combined procedure.  They may also recommend further evaluation by an internist for medical clearance if that is warranted.

C. Bob Basu, MD, FACS
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Combining Breast Surgery, Tummy Tuck and Liposuction Is Safe and Saves Recovery Time


In young healthy patients combining breast procedures such as breast enlargement or a breast lift and abdominoplasty/liposuction is safe. Several good studies show no difference in the number of complications.

There is always the possibility of a blood clot forming in the leg after any tummy tuck procedure, or any surgery over 2 hours in length for that matter. While this is rare, if it occurs it could be very serious. Use of sequential compression stockings started before the anesthetic is very important on any of these procedures. There is also a growing number experts who now recommend a mild blood thinner after these procedures to help prevent this complications (this is not universally accepted)

Pain control is very important and use of a Marcain pain pump for the abdominoplasty(tummy tuck) makes this combination much easier on the patient. In my practice this has really changed the way patients recover for the better. My patients often walk in smiling the next day since we began using pain pumps.

Combining procedures saves one very valuable commodity, your time. The value of two weeks of time recovering is very high and should be part of your decision.

Finally, if you have medical problems, or smoke it may be better to separate these procedures because your risks are higher. Your surgeon should help you determine if you are a candidate for multiple procedures by doing a complete history and physical. If this was not done, seek another surgeon.

David L. Mobley, MD, FACS
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Good candidate for a mommy make over


From your description you may be a good candidate for a mommy make over.  You should first be seen in consultation by a plastic surgeon who can review your risk factors and determine the best treatment plan to address your concerns.

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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Combining breast implants, mini-tummy tuck and liposuction


If you are in good health, combination plastic surgery procedures can be carried out safely provided it is completed in a timely fashion. These procedures can be done in 3-4 hours, which is a reasonably amount of time. The longer the procedure, the higher the risk of developing a DVT (blood clot) in your leg which could potentially migrate to your lungs.

Please be evaluated by a board certified plastic surgeon prior to scheduling a combination of plastic surgery procedures.

You may also require medical clearance prior to surgery from your internist or family practitioner.

Best wishes,

Dr. Bruno

William Bruno, MD
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Combined procedures

My patients are required to obtain medical clearance and basic blood work prior to surgery. We have a detailed discussion regarding the risks and benefits of multiple surgeries at once. 
In general the combination you mention is safe to have at one time but each patient must be assessed individually meaning some will be able to have the surgery and others not. 

Frank J. Ferraro, MD
Paramus Plastic Surgeon
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Mini Tummy Tuck, Breast Augmentation, and Liposuction in One Surgery?

Thank you for your question.  The answer is yes!  It seems like you have some knowledge about plastic surgery based on your question.  I would caution about getting a mini-tummy tuck unless suggested by your plastic surgeon.  Often a minimalist approach will yield minimal results.  If you are committing to the surgery and recovery time, make every effort to get the right combination of surgeries to maximize your chances of achieving your goals and desires.  Consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon will help guide you through the process.  Best of luck.

-- Dr. Mussman

Jason Mussman, MD
Phoenix Plastic Surgeon
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Mini tummy tuck, breast augmentation, and lipo in one surgery?

Hello! Thank you for your question! These procedures can be effectively and safely performed in one setting.  The breasts and tummy tuck are commonly performed together, often referred to as the "mommy makeover".    If you are healthy and your surgeon decides that a/he could perform the procedures in a safe time for you, these procedures certainly can be done in one stage.  Staging the procedures to have them performed at various times will likely not have any cost benefit for you. When you combine procedures, there is often a discount that is provided by the surgeon for multiple procedures. Also, when having multiple procedures performed at the same time, you save on anesthesia and facility fees, which otherwise are paid for with each individual procedure. In addition, you may benefit by the single recovery time. 

It is your decision as to whether you have your procedures performed in one or multiple stages, but your surgeon will give his/her recommendations. I would consult with a plastic surgeon well-versed in these procedures and discuss your concerns with your surgeon and see what your options are as well as have an examination. Cost will vary amongst surgeons and geographic locations, but $12-20k is a reasonable range, depending on implant type, other procedures, and complexity of your procedures. Hope that this helps! Best wishes for a wonderful result!

Lewis Albert Andres, MD
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Mommy Makeover - surgery on the breasts, abdomen and lipo at one setting are safe?

Welcome to Mommy Makeover! While these procedures may not be the exact three performed for all women looking to reverse the effects of childbearing, these are amongst the top 3. Tummy tuck, breast augmentation and liposuction may be safely performed in a single surgery in an outpatient setting – for the right patient. Who qualifies? Women who are essentially healthy who do not have contraindications to surgery including smoking, obesity, sleep apnea, latex allergy, blood clotting disorder, prior poor experience with anesthesia, amongst others. These issues are not absolute contra-indications to surgery – it is recommended that any woman interested in pursuing information about Mommy Makeover visit with a board-certified plastic surgeon to ascertain what can be safely achieved for themselves in light of their goals and medical history.
Typically Tummy Tuck, Breast Augmentation and Liposuction may be performed in about 4-5 hours under general anesthesia. Surgery is most often performed as an outpatient in an accredited facility. Recovery in the Center occurs for 1-2 hours, and then the patient goes home to recuperate, to return to the office within a week for the first postoperative visit. Each surgeon has her/his own recommendations to optimize recovery experience.

Michele A. Shermak, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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