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Mini Face Lift and Eyelift 2.5 Weeks Ago and Have Some Issues?

I had a mini face lift two and eye lift surgery two and a half weeks ago. I have three issues: 1) I have white spots along the incisions on both eyelids 2)one of my earlobes did not attach and is split on the bottom, while the other is not 3)I have a bright red spot right next to my eye that is not fading. I'm assuming that the ear lobe will have to be repaired. Do most doctors charge for a repair? Will the bright red spot most likely go away on its own? I'm really worried about this.

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Earlobe Problems after Facelift


    Earlobe problems after facelift as you are describing would be unusual but seemingly very fixable.  The eyelid areas need to be examined to determine if there is anything necessary to do in the way of intervention at this point.  Kenneth Hughes, MD facelift Los Angeles, CA

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Post operative care


Many of your issues need an exam to determine how to treat. Why not ask your surgeon about all these issues and if the ear lobe need to be sutured, I am sure they will do it free. Any other plastic surgeon will have to charge for the consult and surgery if needed.

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