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Mini Abdominoplasty Stitches (photo)

Hi, i had a mini abdominoplasty 25 days ago. The stitches are almost all dissolved except on the extreme sides and a one or two hairline sutures in the middle. The extreme side ones are out of my body, as in they are knotted or something. should i be concerned? it doesnt seem to be infected but a few nights ago i had these terrible chills.

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Infection after Tummy Tuck?


Thank you for the question and pictures.

Based on the pictures, I do not think you have an infection of the suture line present. Continue to follow your plastic surgeon to address the remaining suture as well as the cause of your “chills”.

Best wishes.

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Abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck


This could be a suture that should be removed.  Contact your board-certified Plastic Surgeon for removal. 

Everett Plastic Surgeon
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Mini Abdominoplasty Stitches


its time to get your sutures removed! You are having a reaction to the stitches that I usually would remove at about 7-10 days at the latest.....

Phoenix Plastic Surgeon
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Sutures with mini tummy tuck


It looks like your skin is irritated but it does not look like an infection- You should see your plastic surgeon and have him/her cut the knot at the skin and remove what is left, everything should then resolve. Good luck!

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Mini Abdominoplasty Stitches


Photos shows a permanent suture that NEEDS removal ASAP. Also you describe cellulitis with possible infection that needs antibiotic therapy, again ASAP. Best to contact/be seen by your PS ASAP

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Sutures 25 days after mini tummy tuck


It does not appear you have an obvious infection based on your photos.  However, I would recommend you see your PS to address your suture concerns.  Your PS can also examine the area to make sure all is healing well.  Best of luck.

Houston Plastic Surgeon
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