Is Microdermabrasion Safe for a Moderate Burn Scar?

My dermatologist recommended I get silk peel for my acne marks but I was wondering if it will be safe for a moderate burn scar from mixing retin-a and benzyl peroxide the burn is flat and hyper-pigmented but it is also slightly atrophic so im guessing its moderate and not mild, will silk peel improve the scar or worsen it? I appreciate any feedback I can get thanks!

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Microdermabrasion (Silkpeel) for scar discoloration


Silkpeels allow the technician to customize the solutions used, infusing different topicals into the skin for different things while receiving a microdermabrasion too. Because your scar has color in it, it will actually help improve this and lighten it. Make sure you point it out to your technician so she/he can use the right solution (I'd pick Lumixyl) to help alleviate the discoloration.

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