Sharp & Shock-Like Pain? (photo)

I am on my 3rd day post-op and so far I've been doing very well. I have one concern, I have this weird shock-like pain on my left breast around the bottom part near the inside of my nipple. I kinda have to hold my breast upwards with some pressure so it doesn't hurt when I move and the pain is mainly there when I walk. I don't see my surgeon until Monday afternoon on my 5th day post op visit. Can someone let me know if you have/had the same pain? HELP!

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Post surgical pain

Varying degrees of discomfort are the norm rather than the exception after any surgery.  “Electric shock” like pains can be a normal discomfort after surgery which may indicate irritation of the nerves.  For peace of mind, call your surgeons office and discuss this with them prior to your scheduled appointment.

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Pain After Braest Augmentation

Women complain of all sorts of discomfort after breast augmentation with the worst pain usually occuring from the second through the fifth day. Commomly the implants are likened to an "elephant sitting on your chest". Stabbing chest and nipple pain occur and frequently you have back pain as well. Your pain sounds totally normal at this point in time.

Paul S. Howard, MD
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon
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Sharp & Shock-Like Pain?

Discomfort is the rule after surgery. Every patient has a unique experience. Nothing sounds alarming from what you write. your question is best addressed to your surgeon. Best wishes.

Probably nerve regeneration

Generally this is the result of nerve regeneration, and will often subside over time. Tingling is a good sign and it most likely means that sensation is returning. Changes in sensation are normally temporary and resolve in the weeks or months following surgery. It is very rare that permanent changes occur.

I recommend you talk about this with your surgeon, however, when you see them.

Breast Surgery

It is extremely hard to make accurate diagnosis as well as giving crucial decision making clinical decision without an in person physical examination along with a length discussion, please see your local board certified plastic surgeon in your area. If you dont have a surgeon you can look at the american society of aesthetic plastic surgery website and search by zip code or postal code. I wish you the best success!

Sharp Pain 3 Days after Breast Augmentation

  In general, sharp pains are common 3 days after breast augmentation.  In the absence of hematoma, seroma, or any gross abnormality, this can be followed.

Normal Symptoms At 3 Days Post-op


Thank you for your inquiry.

It seems that you are exhibiting normal symptoms at 3 days post-op.

Please remember that your chest will have to accommodate in the presence of implants that were not present before in it.

Different patients will feel different sort of symptoms that are part of the recovery process. 

Although it seems pretty normal, I encourage you to communicate what you are feeling with your surgeon during the appointment on Monday.

Meanwhile, try to stay rested and follow your surgeon's instructions religiously.

I hope this helps and the best of luck to you.

Dr. Sajjadian

Ali Sajjadian, MD, FACS
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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It is not uncommon to have various sensations and pain early after surgery. This may continue for a few more weeks but probably not as bad. Your course seems to be pretty normal.

Norman Bakshandeh, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon
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