Which Drug is Used for General Anesthesia for Brazilian Butt Lift, or Any Cosmetic Surgery?

I was reading an article that said the drug isoflurane used as an inhaled anesthetic, can cause Alzheimer's. Another anesthetic desflurane did not have the same effect.

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Anesthesia drugs for cosmetic surgery

Every anesthesiologist has his own technique for anesthesia and a selection of various drugs.   These drugs are tailored to the specific needs of the patient.   There is no formula or specific drug used for a facelift or a butt lift.  Anesthesiologists will call and discuss your anesthesia weeks or months in advance.  One of our anesthesiologists, Dr Bruce Halperin is especially excellent at preparing patients for surgery and anesthesia with a detailed anesthesia consult.  I consider this as a very important part of the surgery consult in fact.   So drugs to be used depend on you, your health history, do you have problems such as hypertension, allergies, diabetes, seizures, cancer, heart trouble, etc etc.  There are many excellent drugs and the best combination is chosen for each surgery and patient.   The anesthesia is as detailed  and customized as your surgery.  Talk to your anesthesiologist and all will be explained in great detail.  My Best Dr C

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