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How to Get my Teeth Straight Again?

I finished 4 ys of ortho in 00 at age 15.The ortho said I needed to wear my hawley retainers for as long as I wanted my teeth straight.I wear them religiously. In 2006 I had new Hawley's made by the new ortho at the same dental group. My original hawley's won't fit now and 22-27 are starting to crowd up.Can't afford braces again. Can I get a retainer for correction? Is it worth getting permanent retainers put in?

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Ortho relaps

Retainers cannot replace teeth, there can only maintain what is already in place. Now a better solution for retention will be to have invisalign viera retainers which consist in a pair of clear trays custom made to fit your teeth. You'll get 

1- better retention since all your teeth are protected not just the one in front

2- more confortable than the hawley retainer

3- the whole proceed is computerized. In case of future relapse, you can always have a new pair made from the image of your actual situation, and yes, in this case, your retainers will be able to vorrect the collapse teeth.



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