How long after breast augmentation should I wait to put Mederma Advanced on my incision scars? (photo)

I'm 5 days post-op with inframammary incisions that are glued shut (dissolving stitches). How long should I wait before applying scar gel to them? I know that the glue needs to have time to come off first, but I don't want to cause an infection by starting too early. Also will Mederma Advanced help to reduce the appearance of my scars or is there a better alternative? My incisions are scary right now & I want to lighten them as much as possible any Help or Suggestions are Much appreciated.

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Scar treatment

I think that you can  probably start wearing it after the glue peels off as long as it doesn't macerate the .  But it is always best to ask your surgeon to see what he recommends.

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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Use of scar products

I personally don't advocate using them unless you appreciate some adverse changes in your scar.  Why do it when the scars almost universally heal well in that location?  But if you want to use it, best to ask your surgeon for advice on when to start since your surgeon is on the 'hook' if anything should occur during your recovery.

Curtis Wong, MD
Redding Plastic Surgeon
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