Do I Have Melasma?

I am a South Asian female in my 50's - I have a lot of dark patches (hormonal deposits and sun exposure) on my face that make me very self-concious. Is it melasma?

I went to a dermatologist for consultation and was offered a $7500 package that included chemical peel, some kind of dermabrasion, laser and she also threw in Botox for my neck.

What is the best course (considering I don't have $$$ to drop)? Initally it was recommended I use prescription tretinoin cream, but how do I know if I have melasma and if these treatments would help?

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Melasma treatment - There are no guarantees!

A recent study shows that tretinoin and a strong steroid cream can reduce melasma, as well as using hydroquinone, which can have some side effects.

I would recommend several months of this treatment if it has not been done yet, as the laser can worsen the melasma. There are no guarantees!

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What is melasma and what can I use to treat melasma

Melasma is a visible pigmentation, usually on the face, that is caused by a combination of hormones, genetics, inflammation, and sun exposure.  I begin treatment with Melaquin AM and Melaquin PM creams and these seem to work well to improve pigmentation.

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