Meds. What Should I Be Taking After My Mommy Makeover?

I have quite the mini pharmacy at my disposal right now. I recently had a mommy make over with a tummy tuck, BL and lipo to inner, outer and back of thighs, contouring of the buttocks as well. Experiencing some definite pain, not to mention a cough. The dr prescribed cephalexin, Valium and Vicodin. I have my multivitamins, oxycodone from a pervious family members surgery and morphine. In addition I have Bromelian, arnica Montana gels and arnica cream. What should I be taking and when? Help!

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Medication after mommy makeover

You need to stick with what your plastic surgeon prescribed. Any other medication from previous family member surgery should be discarded. Combining these medication or using them without doctors orders can be risky to your life.

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Medications after Mommy Makeover?

Best to check with your plastic surgeon about which specific medications should usually taking.  Throw the remainder into the garbage can. DO NOT  his medications prescribed for another individual.

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What medications to take after surgery

You have quite the assortment of medicines. Some may not mix well with others. You should contact your surgeon for specific instructions on what to take. This is not the forum to get advise for this situation.


Never take medication that was not prescribed for you.

Never take someone else medication.

Check with your surgeon about medication .

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