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Would Medicare Pay for Tummy Tuck if I've Had Back Surgery and It my Stomach Hurts my Back?

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Tummy Tuck Paid by Insurance

     If you have a large dependent pannus, you may be able to get the panniculectomy covered under insurance.  Then, you could ask the plastic surgeon to perform the cosmetic portion of the procedure considered the tummy tuck (that fee would be out of pocket).

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Medicare coverage for an abdominoplasty

Medicare will only cover surgical procedures that are medically necessary.  It is very unlikely that there would be any coverage for an abdominoplasty even under the most extreme of circumstances.     On occasions they will cover a panniculectomy which is an excision of overhanging skin.   

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Medicare does not cover an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck).

Although patients sometimes claim that back pain is improved by a tummy tuck, this is not a recognized therapeutic modality for spine problems.  Medicare will not pay for the procedure.

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I have never seen a real abdominoplasty covered by medicare.  You may very well have back pain and perhaps it might be helped however medicare does not believe this is a reconstructive indication for tummy tuck!

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Medicare never will do it/ ninguna aseguradora cubre cirugia plastica estetica

any company in any country would cover  any aesthetic surgery except reconstructive problems.

ninguna aseguradora cubre  cirugia estetica en ninguna parte del mundo , solo cubren cirugia reconstructiva

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