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What procedure would I need to make my nostrils symmetrical, and how much would it cost? (Photo)

My nose is literally ruining my life. I can never breathe through the right nostril without squirts if afrin daily. No other medicine or spray works. Also, it's SO unattractive. I like to date online, and it totally ruins my chances with anyone. It also greatly lowers my self esteem. I saw an ENT, and he wouldn't do surgery. What kind of doctor should I get for this type of work? What procedure? What will the cost be? Will insurance cover this?

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What procedure would I need to make my nostrils symmetrical, and how much would it cost?

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    There is not a great deal of nostril asymmetry.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

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Body dysmorphic disorder

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I totally agree that nose surgery will not help.  I am not surprised that you were turned down for surgery.   Yes your breathing might be improved but no matter how perfect your rhinoplasty result,  you will not be satisfied.  You should see a psychiatrist with expertise in treating body dysmorphic disorder.   Good luck. 

Matthew Bridges, MD
Richmond Facial Plastic Surgeon
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you probably would need a septoplasty with possible spreader grafts and turbinate reduction.  A subtle rhinoplasty may also help with the bulbousness of your tip.  The septoplasty would improve the nostril assymetry, but honestly I do not think your nostril assymetry is that significant of a problem

Reps B. Sundin, MD
Richmond Plastic Surgeon
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