Can I Massage my Boobs After Capsullorhaphy?

Had capsullorhaphy a month ago, disolvable stiches were placed. Massage will displace the stiches? Had revisional surgery for bottoming-out.

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Will massaging your breast after surgery displace capsulorrhaphy sutures?

If the massage is done in coordination with your plastic surgeon, then it's probably OK. My advice is to wait to begin massaging until you confirm it with your surgeon. Personally, I don't find it helpful to have my patients massgae after capsulorrhaphy for fear that they may put pressure on the internal suture line.

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Will Massage will displace the stiches post capsulorraphy?

I advise my patients NOT to massage after closing the pocket, since you want the repair to be strong and not break down.  I typically advise wearing a good support surgical or sports bra 24 hrs a day.  Massage may have the effect of streching the pocket, thus un-doing the repair that you had.  Speak with your surgeon.

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A capuslorrhaphy is done to close downthe pocket, and your surgeon may not want you to do anyting. Ask him.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Postoperative breast exercises

Messaging after capsulorrhaphy is needed but the timing is critical. You likely had capsulorhaphy and capsulotomy to deal with misplaced implants or capsular contracture. Your surgeon thus removed areas of capsule thickening and restitched the capsule in areas where it was loosened. Now, I recommend no message for the first six weeks following capulorrhaphy to allow for areas that have been repaired to heal completely. However, after the first six week period, it is important to restart your messaging in order to prevent capsule thickening, i.e. capsular contracture, which got you to that point in the first place.

Implant massage

This differs with each doctor...  But, i tend to not favor massage after capsular repair because i don't want the capsule to stretch out.

David A. Lickstein, MD
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Breast implant massage after bottoming out

When a breast implant has bottomed out, or fallen below the fold, the capsule can be repaired in order to reposition the implant. The key is to adjust the pocket position and size so that the implant fits within the breast hand in glove to that they move and feel as one. Some surgeons believe in massage to reduce capsule contracture, but if the pocket has expanded and the implant sits low, is seems massage is unnecessary and may recreate problems. My vote is no.

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Peter E. Johnson, MD
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Massage after capsule repair

This is a question ONLY for your doctor.  Only they know what they did and how much massaging might disrupt it.

Massage and Capsulorhaphy

In general, massage after capsule repair or modification is permitted, but must be carefully coordinated with your surgery. Both timing and type of massage are important. For specific questions like yours, it is best if you ask the person who has all the specifics ... your plastic surgeon.

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Capsulorrhaphy and Massage

Thank you for the question. Unfortunately, this is a question much better asked of the operating surgeon because he/she  knows exactly what was done and what  amount of pressure etc. can be applied (if any) with massage. 

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Be cautious with early postop breast massage after revision for malposition

Capsulorraphy to revise your breasts and correct bottoming-out is a tricky procedure because sometimes there can be overcorrection and sometimes undercorrection leading to recurrence.  Often permanent (non- dissolvable) internal sutures are used to minimize recurrence. 

Massage is important to minimize capsular contracture, but if bottoming-out was your major issue it would be best to hold off on massage and vigorous activity for at least 6 weeks to allow solid initial healing, especially if the sutures used were absorbable.    

David J. Levens, MD
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