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Boletero Placed 6 Weeks Ago Caused Bags Under Eyes. Will They Go Away on Their Own?

I had boletero placed under my eyes 6 weeks ago. I had black eyes for nearly 3 weeks & now 6 weeks later I have dark circles/puffiness under my eyes. I never had this prior & know it's the filler. I'm unhappy but I don't want to risk further problems with more procedures. What I want to know is will this fade completely in time? Can I expect a return to my original appearance? A patient reviewer mentioned once you have bags from boletero you'll have them forever. This makes no sense to me.Tx!

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Belotero to eye area

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You can always try to dissolve the product with Hyaluronidase. This area is more sensitive with filling, since the skin is thinner and there can sometimes be redundant skin. I would return to where you were injected and discuss your options with them.

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