How Many Ccs Do You Think I Might Need? (photo)

Hi I am 5'5 and weight 170 lbs, My butt is saggy and square, I just waant to get an approximate estimate of how many ccs I would need to get a big round booty, and if the more ccs the more expensive its going to be. Thank you.

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Plan on using it all.....


The most important thing to have when you are contemplating having surgery, especially the Brazilian Butt Lift, is a realistic expectations.  The last picture you show, showing your desire, is unfortunately a little unrealistic.   The Brazilian Butt Lift can do some amazing things, but the amount of projection you get is limited.  The Brazilian Butt Lift tends to make your butt larger in all directions.  If you are looking for mostly projection.... Butt Implants tend to give you that.

You have plenty of fat to get a beautiful result, but I don't expect it to turn out like the picture.

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Body Contouring


The "wish pic" posted gives the plastic surgeon an idea of what you like and what you consider "beautiful"

Looking at your pictures posted you need liposuction abdomen, love handles and back and transfering all that fat to your buttocks and may be hips. You may need some tightening procedure to the abdomen.

That will get you close to the shape and body contouring of your "wish pic"

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

How many cc's of fat do you need for a nice butt?


It is tough to estimate the number of cc's of fat you will need to have injected without examining you in person.  The great news is, you do seem to have enough fat to give you nice curves and the firmness and projection you desire.  My Brazilian Butt Lift pricing is not based on the amount of fat injected.  

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Is not all about the CC's in BBL // No todo son los CC's en aumento gluteo


Hi. Thank you for your question and for adding pictures. A lot of patients come to my office asking about how many cc's are we going to inject to their buttocks... I say that the number is not that important. The more important thing is the harmony you get while combining the procedures.

Remember that before harvesting the fat to you are going to inject to your butt, you have to have liposuction of your back. By this procedure alone, you get an enhancement of your buttocks... Then, when you put that fat in your buttock, and fill the depressions remaining, you get nice, round, projected buttocks. You might also qualify for additional procedures to get a more finished look, depending in your desires. That said, I recommend that you consult a board certified plastic surgeon, to discuss the pros and cons of every procedure, and get a personalized view of your case, giving you a closer approach to your goals and expectations. Good luck!



Spanish translation provided by doctor:

Hola. Gracias por tu pregunta y por incluir fotos. Muchas pacientes vienen a mi consultorio preguntando ¿que cantidad de cc's vamos a inyectarle en las nalgas? Les digo que el número en si, no es tan importante. Lo más importante es la armonía que se consigue cuando se combinan los procedimientos.

Recuerda que para conseguir la grasa que se va a inyectar en los glúteos, se necesita realizar una liposucción de la espalda. Solo con ese procedimiento se logra de entrada una mejoría en el aspecto de los glúteos... Entonces, cuando uno pone esa grasa en los glúteos, rellenando las depresiones que quedan, se obtienen unos glúteos bonitos, redondos y proyectados. También tome en cuenta que pudiera calificar para procedimientos adicionales para obtener un aspecto más acabado, dependiendo sus deseos. Por tanto, recomiendo que visite un cirujano plástico certificado, con el que pueda discutir los pros y contras de cada procedimiento, y obtener una visión personalizada de su caso, lo que le dará una respuesta más cercana a sus objetivos y expectativas. ¡Buena suerte!

Rafael E. Estevez Hernandez, MD
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