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Masculine Eye Angle Surgery?

23 male model. A Cosmetic surgeon informed me the central portion of my face is the area that lacks masculinity (v. full lower lip + eye angle) [I have a square jaw + strong chin] I would not want a lip reduction, however he mentioned the outer corner of my eye is higher than the inner corner and that makes the eye more open/less masculine. He mentioned a surgery for this(forgot the name) often done on 70 yr olds to restore function. Any information on this or suggestions of alternatives?

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Nothing you are describing makes much sense.

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The surgery being described to you is lateral canthoplasty.  I cannot stress too strongly that this is not cosmetic surgery.  It is reconstructive surgery.  You did not provide photographs.  However, I would be very careful about following the suggestions of a particular surgeon.  Additional opinions are definitely warranted.  Generally to be a successful male model, one has to have a healthy sense of ego, and possibly even body dysmorphic disorder.  It is very likely that to be successful as a model you have to have a lot of great things working for you already.  Remember that a successful outcome from cosmetic surgery is only one of the possible outcomes.  How will you cope if you have a complication from surgery and your appearance is irreparably damaged?  So please proceed with caution.

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