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Is my nose asymmetrical 3 days post op? Is it just swelling? (Photo)

Hi! I am 3 days post op after having a rhinoplasty and one of my turbinors fixed ( my left nostril ) and since coming put of surgery my right nostril seems a lot larger/ more swollen and it's pushing my nose slightly to the left. Do you think this is down to swelling or actual asymmetry?

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Is my nose asymmetrical 3 days post op? Is it just swelling?

It is impossible to tell, at this point, what is causing the asymmetry.  It very well could be swelling.  Once the cast/tape is off, your surgeon will assess it.  Share your concerns with him/her.  Swelling can come and go for several months, but each day it will get better.  Just hang in there and follow the directions of your surgeon.

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Asymmetry post op Rhinoplasty?

Dear Karina,
Thank you for your post.  It is very early in your post-op period, but yes, it does look a little to the side.  Whether this is swelling or something else is hard to know right now.  Follow up with your plastic surgery and he will remove the splint. Keep your head elevated and a fair amount of swelling goes away in the first couple weeks, enough to decide whether it is straight or not.
Best Wishes,
Pablo PRichard, MD

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Asymmetry at the nasal base is common in the early postoperative period following rhinoplasty surgery.

Your concern is well visualized in your photos, but 3 days postoperatively is too soon to judge whether this will be problematic or not. Sit tight till your dressing is removed, and you should address your concerns with your surgeon.

Hope this helps you.

Dr. Joseph

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Too early

There is too much going on to assess symmetry.  You have steri strips in place that can pull the nose to one direction and you have a dorsal splint and possibly internal splints.  Best to wait until the splints are removed to assess symmetry issues. 

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