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Manhattan Fat Graft Doctor Recommendations

Hello! I need a Fat grafting doctor in Manhattan for the loss of volume in my cheeks. Does any one know of a good doctor? I'm noticing a drawn appearance in my face since 43. I am a 46 year old female. It's getting a little worse every year. I think it's also because I am very thin.

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How to pick a fat transfer plastic surgeon.


This is such a common issue that I wrote an article for RealSelf on tips for picking a good cosmetic surgeon (for fat transfer or other procedures).  You may find it helpful and you can read it on my profile.

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Manhattan Fat Graft doctor recommendations

Add to your list Dr. Anthony Sclafani, Chief of the Plastic Surgery Service at the New York Eye and Ear Hospital and Dr. Leonard Grossman.

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Manhattan plastic surgeon recommendation

Dr Sidney Coleman is the plastic surgeon who has the greatest experience with fat grafting and injection. Dr. Coleman practices fat grafting in New York City.

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