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Mammogram Showed Shadow After Breast Implants, What Could The Cause Be?

My first mammogram today since I had my implants a year ago shows a shadow. I need to go back in for further testing. What effect do implants have on mammograms such as having shadows?

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Mammogram after breast augmentation


Shadows may represent a benign or malignant changes they also maybe just an artifact. It would be wise to go over the results with a radiologist and if needed a breast surgeon to assure it is benign. Other studies like Ultrasound or MRI are used to future evaluate any suspicious lesions.

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"Shadow" on Mammogram after Breast Augmentation?


Thank you for the question.

There may be many  “causes” of “shadowing” seen on mammogram. The differential diagnosis will include many benign and malignant lesions. The presence of the breast implant may be the source of the shadowing seen.

I'm glad that you are following up with the additional testing requested;  I'm sure the radiologists involved will be able to  determine the exact source of the findings on mammogram for you.

Best wishes.

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